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Instalación d eplacas solares tarragona

Photovoltaic solar energy

Systems installed to capture solar energy and convert it into electricity for use in our electrical installations. At Enerflux, we work with the goal of self-consumption: generating energy for our own consumption. Would you like to know how we install solar panels?

Climatización Tarragona

Renewable heating and cooling.

Aerotermia is a highly efficient source of renewable energy. It captures energy from the outside air and transfers it indoors to provide both cooling and heating. At Enerflux, we specialize in air-to-water heat pumps for refrigeration and heating purposes. Opting for this type of renewable heating and cooling system allows for comfortable indoor spaces at a very reasonable cost. Would you like to know more about renewable climate control?

almacenamiento energético Tarragona

Energy storage

Today we have tools to store the energy we produce through photovoltaic solar panels. We do this through batteries: the energy generated during the day can be stored and used during the night. They are advanced batteries with optimal operation.

Instalación de puntos de carga de coches

Charging points for electric vehicles

In order to have charging points for electric vehicles, it is necessary to make an electrical modification to the installation. The aim is to take the available energy and make it reach the vehicle in an optimal and safe way, as set out in the regulations. We install electric vehicle chargers and we do it with the most efficient option in mind.

energy audit

Energy audits

At Enerflux we can study each case in particular to detect if good energy management is being done. Are the appliances efficient? Are they used at the right time? A proper energy audit allows us to ensure that everything operates in the best possible way.

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