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    Audtirías energéticas

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At Enerflux, we know how important it is to know the information necessary before making the decision to install a car charging station in Tarragona. So we seek to provide you with the most accurate information so that you can clarify the doubts that our customers usually send us.

Energy audits in Tarragona with Enerflux

Why do an energy audit in Tarragona?

The use of Tarragona energy audits brings with it a series of benefits, among the most important of which are the following:

  • You know the actual condition of the facilities. With an energy audit you can obtain the consumption analysis of the years, in addition to what are the possible energy losses of the installation and know how much is being spent and where the greatest expenditure occurs.
  • Identify problems. This type of audits usually allows you to detect which are the energy problems, especially those that are unknown and that may be generating a significant loss of energy.
  • Improve equipment performance. By knowing what the deficiencies of the energy system are through the audit and correcting them, appliances and even other equipment operate efficiently and, therefore, energy consumption is reduced.
  • Creation of consumption reduction plans. One of the important advantages of energy audits is that you can create plans that allow you to reduce energy consumption.
  • Long-term investment. This is a positive investment in the long term, as it guarantees the good performance of the appliances and, therefore, the proper functioning of the system for a long time.
  • You identify consumption schedules. Tarragona energy efficiency audits allow you to identify the times when energy consumption is highest, which allows you to make adjustments in consumption and reduce inappropriate consumption.

What activities does the auditor perform in an energy audit?

The main activity of our technicians or professionals when it comes to energy audits in Tarragonais to carry out studies that contribute to reducing energy consumption in the facilities it is auditing. However, it can also fulfill other functions such as:

  • Take measurements to verify what are the building’s energy channels and flows..
  • Identify faults or defects in the energy system that contribute to excessive consumption.that contribute to excessive consumption.
  • Identify which equipment consumes the most energy and organize them into groups. and organize them into groups.
  • Establish a follow-up of invoices and meter data and meter data, obtaining important information about consumed and contracted power.
  • Take into account which are the surrounding features of the building such as: glass insulation, closings, openings, walls, among others. All this in order to identify how these can influence energy consumption.
  • Conduct a feasibility study of installing renewable energy systems in the infrastructure to obtain cleaner consumption.
  • Verify how the air ducts are made and the air renewal systems and air renewal systems, in order to verify that they do not affect the efficient energy consumption.
  • Identify what are the opportunities for savings, as well as improvements that can be applied to the installation to obtain energy savings.and the improvements that can be applied to the installation in order to obtain energy savings.
  • Provide a technical report including a strategic plan with the measures to be taken to establish energy savings.

These are just some of the functions or activities that an energy auditor generally performs.

Who are the people in charge of performing energy audits?

The people in charge of performing energy audits, are technicians who meet certain requirements, among them:

  • It is necessary that an official bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, chemistry, physics, geology, biology, geology and environmental sciences, human resources, business administration and management.Architecture, architecture, chemistry, physics, geology, biology, geology and environmental sciences, human resources, business administration and management.
  • To have current knowledge about energy distribution and the correct maintenance of and the correct maintenance of energy installations.
  • Have technical knowledge and experience in the use of energy fundamentals, industrial processes andindustrial processes and related energy management.
  • To theoretical and practical knowledge related to the methodology and application of energy audits and all phases of execution.
  • It is important that you have training in ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and ISO 50001.

At Enerflux we are specialists in renewable energies. That is why we have the best professionals in the industry and we take all these requirements very seriously.

Enerflux and energy audits Tarragona

In Enerflux we can offer you energy audits Tarragona from the hand of technicians and energy specialists with 10 years of experience.

As well as the personalized attention you need to clarify all the doubts you may have about our services and the application of energy audits in Tarragona.

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