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    Audtirías energéticas

Energy audits Reus are one of the best options to identify the consumption of your home, building or company. With this information you can identify what improvements you need to make to save energy and money at the same time.

At Enerflux we know how important it is to have an energy system to work efficiently. That is why we offer you the best attention and the information you need to know what a Reus energy audit is all about.

Energy audits in Reus with Enerflux

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is a process of inspecting a home’s energy flow system.building or a company. The objective of an energy audit is to understand the energy efficiency of the facility being audited. But it is also applied to find which are the consumption points where some changes can be made to reduce inappropriate energy consumption, but without affecting the comfort of the users.

Aspects that are usually evaluated in an energy audit at Reus

Energy efficiency audits Reus usually evaluate different aspects of the structure or building in which it is being performed. In most of the audits, the items evaluated are:

  • Property and consumption data. Generally, the important data of the property, structure and electrical network plans are requested. All this to evaluate the time or date of construction of the facility and possible improvements or upgrades that may need to be implemented.
  • Study of the electrical network. In this case, the consumption of the electrical network is usually analyzed through power loggers in the circuits, in order to make a comparison with the data shown in the electricity bill. Interesting information is obtained from this study, such as the amount of reactive or unusable or unusable energy in the circuit.
  • Analysis of physical characteristics. In general, a study is made of the building envelope, taking into account enclosures, thermal bridges, openings and others. characteristics that could represent a loss of energy due to poor insulation. Generally, in these cases, thermography cameras are used to detect heat inputs and outputs.
  • Lighting studio. Lighting is an important factor in workplaces and homes, but the idea is to have a system of luminaires that maintain efficient lighting and consumption. In this case, the use of the luxmeter is usually made.to make a study and inventory of the consumption of all the luminaires.
  • Air conditioning system. An evaluation is made of the air conditioning system, the air renewal system and the domestic hot water system. The idea is to verify if there is a system that keeps the temperature differences between the inside and the outside as low as possible, in order to reduce the energy consumption for air conditioning. between indoors and outdoors as little as possible, in order to reduce energy consumption for air conditioning.
  • Inventory of electrical and thermal equipment. In this case, an inventory is made of the electrical equipment for air conditioning, ventilation, drinking water and heating pumps, boilers, office equipment, kitchen equipment and other household appliances. The ideal is to identify the performance of this equipment and to make it work optimally. and make them work optimally.
  • Renewable energy system. In this case, a study is made of the type of renewable technology installed in the building. In the event that no system of this equipment is available, a suggestion can be made for the use of renewable energy systems that can help with energy savings and optimal energy use. that can help you with energy savings and optimal use of energy.

These are some of the some of the factors that are usually studied when doing energy audits reus, in some cases it may be necessary to do more advanced studies.

Enerflux and the energy audits in Reus

If you need an energy audit in reus, in Enerflux we can help you. Enerflux we can help you.

In Enerflux we have 10 years of experience in the area of energy engineering, so we have the necessary experience to assist you and give you all the information you need.We have the necessary experience to be able to assist you and give you all the information you need.

In addition, we can offer you an evaluation of the system of your home, building or even company, we can offer you a system evaluation of your home, building or even a company’s system in order to achieve the efficient use of energy in your buildings.

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