• I nstallation of charging points in Barcelona

The Barcelona car charging points are an excellent option for all those who already have an electric car and need to recharge its battery at a certain moment. There is currently a wide variety of electric car charging points in Barcelona, however, there is also the option to install a private one in your private garage.

In Enerflux we have the service of installation of electric vehicle charging points, allowing you to recharge your car safely from the comfort of your home.This allows you to recharge your car safely from the comfort of your home.

Installation of charging points Barcelona

Types of electric car charging points Barcelona

You need to know before installing an electric car charging point Barcelona, it is necessary that you know the types of points that currently exist and how each one of them works.

Conventional recharge point

This is the one that is generally installed in homes.The charging time and the power of the point will depend on the type of charger to be used, usually for this type of installation a Wallbox or a Shuko type plug is used. The power typically obtained from a conventional recharge point can vary between 3.6 kW and 7.4 kW..

Fast recharge point

This type of point is usually used in public charging stations, they usually work with a power of 50 kW in direct current.. The disadvantage of this type of points is that the car battery is subjected to a load that generates heating in it and, therefore, decreases its useful life.

Ultra-fast recharge

These types of points usually offer much higher power ratings, ranging from 150 kW, 350 kW and up to 400 kW. ranging from 150 kW, 350 kW and up to 400 kW.. However, you have to keep in mind that not all cars are compatible with such high power ratings, so they cannot be used by all electric car users.

These are the three types of charging point for electric cars that exist today, for the moment the most advisable when you want to install a charging point private car Barcelona or in a community garage, is to resort to the conventional type.

Does it make sense to install a private electric car charging point in Barcelona?

If you have already decided to buy an electric car, it is important that you think about installing an electric car charging point in Barcelona.In this way you can be sure that you can leave your house with the car battery at full capacity.

In addition, although there are a lot of public stations with charging points for electric cars Barcelona, you have to keep in mind that these usually offer the recharge mode, are semi-fast or fast.

Although the fast charging service may be very cost-effective when you are already driving, constant use of these is not recommended, as the batteries reach high temperatures and constantly subjecting the battery to this reduces the life of the car’s battery.

So installing an electric car charging point in your home is one of the best options if you want your electric car’s battery to to maintain a very long service life..

In addition, recharging the car battery at a public point, brings with it a cost, that having one in your home can save you the constant expense of recharging your car’s battery..

What are the advantages of installing an electric car charging point?

Installing a charging point for a private electric car brings with it a number of advantages, some of the most prominent of which are:

You contribute to the environment

By owning an electric car and a recharging point for it you contribute to reduce the pollution that the combustion cars are leaving behind.. So you would be contributing to the decrease of CO₂ generated by your car and, therefore, with the pollution of your city and country.

You save a few euros

You have to keep in mind that you currently spend about the same amount of money on gasoline as you do on buying energy. But in the future, it is estimated that the cost of electric cars will be reduced by half by 2025, and installing a charging point in your home will allow you to you can go out with the battery at maximum and thus avoid having to stop at a station to buy energy. for the purchase of energy.

Maintains battery life

As we have already indicated, most public charging points are of the fast charging type, while those installed in homes are of the conventional type. By using conventional recharging, your car’s battery will have a longer service life.The system is not subjected to higher powers and, therefore, does not overheat more than recommended.

It is a more hygienic model

By using an electric car and private charging point it is more hygienic because it does not emit any odor or annoying noises.. In addition, it does not generate waste or grease on the floor of your garage, which is often the case in the recharging areas of combustion cars.

These are just some of the advantages you can get by installing a car charging point in Barcelona.

Enerflux and the installation of charging points car Barcelona

In Enerflux we seek to offer you the best options when installing car charging points in Barcelona. when installing car charging points in Barcelona, is that we have 10 years of experience, making us specialists in the area of energy engineering.

By contacting us we can give you all the information and clarify any doubts you may have about the installation of the point, in addition we make an evaluation of the site that allows us to identify which is the best option you have when installing a charging point for an electric car.

If you want to know more about car charging points Barcelona, Enerflux can help you.