• Instalación de Aerotermia en Tarragona

Aerothermal installation in Tarragona

Discover Aerothermics. Do you want to air-condition your home and have hot water in an efficient and sustainable way? With aerothermal energy, we use air, a renewable energy source, to bring you comfort and savings. Whether through low-temperature radiators, underfloor heating or our advanced solar panels, we have the system that best suits you. Invest in the future: ask us about costs and benefits and we will help you select the perfect equipment. And don’t worry, at Enerflux we take care of the maintenance so that you always enjoy an optimal service. It’s time to take the leap into the future with Enerflux!

What is aerothermal energy?

Aerothermal energy is an innovative technology that uses air as a source of renewable energy to air-condition homes and produce domestic hot water (DHW). This system is based on the principle of extraction and utilization of the heat present in the outside air, even at low temperatures.

How does an aerothermal system work?

An aerothermal system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit, also known as a heat pump, extracts energy from the outside air using a refrigerant. This energy is transferred to the indoor unit, which uses it to heat the water for consumption and to air-condition the interior space through radiators or underfloor heating.

Split air heating

Aerothermics with Split. At Enerflux, we combine the best of two worlds to offer you an efficient and sustainable solution. We use aerothermics, a technology that extracts energy from the outside air, and takes it directly to a split, ensuring a perfect distribution of heat or cold in your spaces. This system not only provides you with an ideal environment, but also represents significant savings on your energy bills. Forget about traditional solutions and opt for a smart, comfortable and economical air conditioning system with our split aerothermal system. With Enerflux, your comfort is our priority.

Split air heating
Instalación de aeorotermia

Aerothermal with Fancoils

Raise your comfort with Enerflux’s Aerotermia and Fancoils. Imagine a system that extracts energy from the outside air and uses it to efficiently air condition every corner of your home. That is precisely what we do with aerothermics. But it doesn’t end there: by incorporating fan coils, we guarantee a homogeneous and precise distribution of heat or cold, adapting to your specific needs. Fan coils are indoor units that, thanks to their design and operation, provide fast and effective air conditioning, transforming your space into an oasis of well-being. With Enerflux, combine the power of aerothermics with the precision of fan coils and experience a perfect environment every day.

Fan coil air heating
Instalación de Aerotermia

Aerothermal and VRF system

A powerful combination: aerothermal and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow). By capturing energy from the outside air through aerothermal energy, and distributing it efficiently through the VRF system, we offer you an unprecedented solution in flexibility and control. This system allows you to air-condition different areas of your home or building at different temperatures, adapting to the preferences and needs of each space. It is the perfect blend of energy efficiency, cost savings and total customization of your comfort. With Enerflux and VRF technology, rediscover what an ideal environment means. Your well-being, redefined!

VRF Systems
Instalación de aerotermia

Aerothermal and underfloor heating

While aerothermal energy captures energy from the outside air, underfloor heating distributes this energy evenly under your feet, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled comfort. This symbiosis not only offers you a perfect thermal sensation, but also guarantees maximum energy efficiency, which is reflected in significant savings on your bills. Forget about sudden temperature changes and enjoy a soft and constant warmth in every corner of your home. With Enerflux, aerothermal and underfloor heating work together to provide you with an unprecedented comfort experience. Welcome to the home of tomorrow!

Aerothermal and underfloor heating

Integrated DHW and Aerothermal Systems.

Raise the efficiency of your home with the masterful integration of two powers in air conditioning and heating: Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and Aerothermal. This dual system harnesses the energy of the outside air, thanks to aerothermal energy, to not only air-condition your home but also to provide hot water efficiently. The combination of these systems reduces energy consumption and optimizes heat production, ensuring a constant and sustainable supply of hot water. The result is a home with a perfectly acclimatized environment and the luxury of enjoying hot water at all times, all with a significant reduction in your bills. With Enerflux, we bring innovation and efficiency to every corner of your home. Discover the power of integration with our DHW and aerothermal systems!

Integrated DHW systems

Installation of an aerothermal system

Prepare your home for aerothermal energy

Before bringing the magic of aerothermal energy to your home, we conduct a thorough assessment of your energy needs. This way, we make sure to recommend the most suitable system for you. All you need is an available space and access to electricity. The rest is up to us!

Choose perfection for your home

There are endless options in aerothermal systems. Whether with low-temperature radiators, underfloor heating or a combination with solar energy, we will help you find the perfect one for you, considering power and efficiency.

Leave the installation in expert hands

Our specialized team will install your aerothermal system following rigorous quality standards. If you opt for radiators or underfloor heating, we take care of the ideal distribution for you to enjoy maximum comfort in every corner of your home.

Secure and effective connection

We make sure that your system is optimally and safely connected to the power and water mains, so that you only have to worry about enjoying the perfect environment.

Testing and final adjustments

Before giving you full control, we thoroughly test the system, ensuring maximum performance and making any necessary adjustments.

Don’t forget that every home is unique. Trust Enerflux, your experts in aerothermal energy, for a solution tailored to you.

Maintenance and care of the fan heater system

Optimal health for your system

Ensuring accurate maintenance of your fan heater installation is vital to enjoy superior performance and extend its life. Here is our Enerflux guide to take care of your system:

1. Periodic examinations:
Don’t let small failures become big problems. We perform periodic checks to detect any irregularities and ensure that everything is operating according to the highest safety standards. For optimal performance, we propose annual inspections, ideally before the most intense seasons.

2. Air purity with filter cleaning:
Clean filters are the key to efficient air conditioning. We prevent the accumulation of impurities that may affect its performance. And we don’t stop there; we also clean essential components such as the heat exchanger coils.

3. First class repairs and replacements:
If a fault is identified, our specialized technical team intervenes quickly. From simple repairs to component replacement, we guarantee to get your HVAC system back in top shape.

Aerothermal applications in residential air-conditioning systems

Whether you have a single-family home or are part of a building with multiple homes, fan heat is your ideal solution. We not only air-condition your indoor spaces, but we also boost central heating systems and guarantee a constant supply of domestic hot water (DHW). Want more? We integrate aerothermal energy with photovoltaic solar energy solutions for an unprecedented energy experience. Give your home the comfort and efficiency it deserves with Enerflux! Contact us now!

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