Split air heating

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Aerothermal with Split in Enerflux

Split fan heaters: an efficient solution for air conditioning your rooms

Split fan coil heating is an air conditioning system that offers an efficient and versatile solution to keep your spaces at an optimal temperature all year round. By harnessing the energy contained in the air, this system provides both heating and air conditioning, providing comfort at any time and in any place.

Basic principles of aerothermal energy

Aerothermal energy is based on the principle of heat transfer, where the heat present in the outside air is used to heat the inside of the rooms. By making use of an air-to-air heat pump, the aerothermal system achieves heat transfer through a refrigerant circuit consisting of an evaporator and a condenser. In this way, an efficient and sustainable process is achieved that contributes to energy savings.

Components of an aerothermal system with split system

The split system consists of two main elements: the evaporator, located inside the house or premises, and the condenser, located outside. These two components are interconnected by a refrigerant circuit, which allows heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor air. In addition, it has a compressor that is responsible for raising the temperature of the refrigerant fluid to generate heat and cool it to provide air conditioning.

Operating mode in air conditioning

When the split-split fan coil system is in air conditioning mode, the heat pump transfers cool air into the room and exhausts warm air outdoors. This is achieved through changes in the heat and state of the coolant circulating in the circuit. The compressor compresses the gas, increasing its temperature, and then the condenser cools the gas, which becomes liquid, releasing the heat to the outside. Finally, the refrigerant fluid in its liquid state gives up heat to the outgoing air through the evaporator, thus cooling the space.

Heating mode of operation

In the case of heat generation, the cycle is reversed by a four-way valve. The compressor compresses the gas, raising its temperature and transferring heat to the air inside. Subsequently, the liquid refrigerant is converted to gas through the expansion valve, causing a decrease in pressure and a drop in temperature. In this way, the evaporator cools the gas, transferring the cold to the outside air and providing space heating.

Advantages of split air heating

Energy efficiency and cost savings

Split fan heaters stand out for their high energy efficiency, since they use the energy contained in the air to generate heating and air conditioning. This means that more thermal energy is obtained than is used for its operation, which translates into lower energy consumption and, therefore, considerable economic savings in energy bills. In addition, using renewable energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to environmental sustainability.

Environmental impact and sustainability

The split fan heater is an environmentally friendly option, as it does not emit polluting gases or produce waste. By harnessing the renewable energy contained in the air, it reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to the fight against climate change. In addition, by not relying on fossil fuels, the exploitation of non-renewable resources is reduced. This makes split air heating a sustainable option that promotes environmental protection.

Versatility and comfort in climate control

The split fan heater offers great versatility, since it allows both heat generation and space cooling. This means that it adapts to air conditioning needs in all seasons of the year. In addition, the possibility of using multisplits allows the air conditioning of several rooms with a single outdoor unit, which provides greater comfort and individualized control of the temperature in each space. The use of ducted air conditioning also allows for efficient air distribution through tubes installed in the false ceiling, thus avoiding the need for visible indoor units.

Frequently asked questions about split fan heaters

How does aerothermal energy work in heating mode?

In heating mode, the split fan heater reverses its operating cycle by means of a four-way valve. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas, increasing its temperature. The refrigerant then gives up heat to the interior air, which causes the gas to change to a liquid state. The expansion valve then reduces the pressure, converting the refrigerant into a low temperature gas. Finally, the evaporator cools the gas, transferring the cold to the outside air.

What is the energy efficiency of these systems?

The split fan heater stands out for its high energy efficiency. It uses the energy contained in the air to generate heating and air conditioning, which translates into lower electricity consumption. In addition, by using renewable energy, it contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and is more environmentally friendly.

Are there different design and capacity options?

Yes, there are different design and capacity options in split air heating systems. Different models and brands can be found to suit the needs of each space. It is important to choose equipment with the right capacity to efficiently air-condition the required area, as well as to consider the aesthetic design of the device for a harmonious integration into the environment.

What is the service life of aerothermal heat pumps?

Aerothermal heat pumps, such as those used in split systems, usually have an average lifetime of about 15 to 20 years, provided they are properly maintained and the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. Periodic inspections and proper care of the equipment are important to prolong its useful life and guarantee its optimum performance.

Is it possible to combine aerothermal energy with other renewable energies?

Yes, it is possible to combine aerothermal energy with other renewable energies to boost efficiency and further reduce energy consumption. For example, it can be combined with solar photovoltaic systems to power aerothermal equipment. In this way, the use of clean and sustainable energy sources is maximized.

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