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Solar Energy

Entering the green revolution is now easier than ever with Enerflux. We offer custom-designed solar energy system installations to maximize the capture of the sun and transform it into an inexhaustible source of electricity for your home or business. By investing in the installation of solar panels, you will not only benefit from substantial savings on your electricity bills, but you will also be actively contributing to the reduction of emissions and the care of our planet. With Enerflux, you guarantee a sustainable and efficient energy future for you and for generations to come.

What is Photovoltaic Solar Energy?

Photovoltaic solar energy is an innovative solution that Enerflux puts within your reach, allowing you to transform the sun’s energy into electricity. We use state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells, which, when exposed to the sun, generate an electric current through the photoelectric effect. At Enerflux, we scale this technology by grouping these cells into high-performance solar modules or panels. These panels, designed to efficiently capture solar energy, can be installed in a variety of spaces, from residential rooftops to large solar fields. Our technical team is responsible for connecting them to high quality inverter systems, ensuring that the energy produced is suitable for consumption in homes and businesses or even to be injected into the grid.

With Enerflux, you are not only betting on clean and sustainable energy, but also benefiting from a significant reduction in your electricity bills and contributing to a greener and more decentralized energy future.

What can you do for my Enerflux?

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Off-grid solar energy

Take the leap to real energy independence with Enerflux. Our off-grid solar power installation service gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the traditional grid and harness the power of the sun directly. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you will also enjoy significant savings on your energy bills. Ready for a sustainable transition? Contact us and find out how we can transform your space?

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Solar Pumping

We take innovation and sustainability to the next level with our solar pumping systems. If you need an efficient solution for water supply, especially in off-grid areas, our solar pumping is the answer. We use the sun’s energy to power pumping systems, giving you access to fresh water without relying on conventional electricity. Whether for agricultural irrigation, domestic supply or any other use, Enerflux guarantees a constant and reliable flow of water powered by the sun. Give your pocket and the planet a break! Contact us and find out how we can lead you to a greener future with solar pumping.

Residential Self-consumption

We offer residential self-consumption solutions tailored to the needs of each client. With solar energy as an ally, your home can produce and consume its own electricity, significantly reducing bill costs and minimizing your carbon footprint. By opting for residential self-consumption with Enerflux, you will not only be making a smart investment for your domestic economy, but also betting on a more sustainable future. Let your home benefit from the sun’s abundant energy. Let’s talk about how we can make your home a more efficient and green space with residential self-consumption!

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Commercial solar energy

Commercial solar energy, implemented by Enerflux, represents a strategic and sustainable solution for companies, industries and commercial establishments seeking to maximize their energy efficiency and reduce their operating costs. Through customized photovoltaic installations, adapted to the specific dimensions and requirements of each business, with the technical support and experience of Enerflux, companies can now position themselves at the forefront of energy change, promoting a greener and more sustainable economy.

Try solar energy with Enerflux

Ready to take the step towards a more sustainable and efficient future for your business? Enerflux is here to guide you through every step of the process. Not only do we offer you tailor-made solar energy solutions, but we also support you with our extensive knowledge and experience in the sector. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world and in your finances. Don’t wait any longer, contact Enerflux today and find out how we can transform your energy and take your business to the next level in sustainability and savings. We are here to light your way to the future!

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