Residential Self-consumption

Do you want to reduce your electricity bill and opt for cleaner energy? At Enerflux, we offer you Residential Self-consumption solutions adapted to your needs. Our solar panel systems for homes in Spain allow you to enjoy energy independence, choosing between connected or stand-alone installations. We supply all essential components, from inverters to meters. Backed by the legal framework and available subsidies, investing in renewable energy has never been easier and more profitable.

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What is Residential Self-consumption?

Residential Self-consumption is defined as the use of the sun’s energy through the installation of solar panels in private homes. This makes it possible to generate clean, renewable electricity to meet household energy needs without relying entirely on the conventional power grid. In this way, energy autonomy and environmental sustainability are promoted.

Advantages of residential self-consumption

Residential Self-consumption has numerous advantages for both users and the environment:

  • Electricity bill savings: by generating and consuming their own energy, households can significantly reduce their electricity costs.
  • Energy independence: by generating its own electricity, dependence on the conventional power grid is reduced.
  • Clean and renewable energy: by using solar panels, we contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions and support the transition to more sustainable energy.
  • Tax benefits: more and more municipalities in Spain are offering reductions in the Real Estate Tax to those households that have Residential Self-consumption installations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Self-consumption

How does residential self-consumption work?

Residential self-consumption works by installing solar panels on homes to generate electricity from solar radiation. This energy produced can be used directly in the home, reducing dependence on the conventional electrical grid.

What types of residential self-consumption installations are there?

There are two types of residential self-consumption installations: connected self-consumption and isolated self-consumption. In connected self-consumption, the home remains connected to the conventional electricity grid, which allows the surplus energy produced to be compensated. On the other hand, in isolated self-consumption, the home is disconnected from the grid and may require the use of batteries or generators to ensure electricity supply at times of low solar radiation.

What are the necessary components for a residential self-consumption installation?

For a residential self-consumption installation, several components are required. First, solar panels are needed to capture solar radiation and convert it into electrical energy. A grid inverter, which transforms the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current used in homes, is also needed. In addition, it is necessary to have a consumption wattmeter to keep an accurate control of the energy generated and consumed.

How much does it cost and how much can be saved with residential self-consumption?

The cost of a residential self-consumption installation can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the installation and the components used. However, in general, the investment cost can be offset in the long term due to savings on electricity bills. The savings obtained will depend on the consumption of each home, but it is estimated that they can be significant, reducing up to 70% or more of the electricity bill.

Is it necessary to have batteries for residential self-consumption?

It is not strictly necessary to have batteries for residential self-consumption. In the case of connected self-consumption, the installation is connected to the conventional electrical grid, which allows the surplus energy produced during the day to be used at times of lower solar radiation. However, in isolated self-consumption, where there is no connection to the grid, batteries or generators may be necessary to guarantee electricity supply in times of low solar radiation. The need for batteries will depend on the desired energy autonomy.

Embrace the Future of Residential Self-Consumption with Enerflux

The energy landscape is changing, and Enerflux is here to guide you on the road to energy independence. Residential self-consumption is not just a trend; it is a revolution in how we generate and consume energy. Why wait to join this evolution?

  1. Diversify Your Energy Source: Beyond solar PV, we are exploring innovative solutions such as small-scale wind and mini-hydro for homes.
  2. Optimize with Storage Systems: Our solutions integrate state-of-the-art batteries so you take advantage of every ray of sunshine, even after the sun goes down.
  3. Total Control in Your Hands: With the integration of home automation technology, we offer you real-time control and monitoring of your energy consumption and production.
  4. Facilities and Ongoing Support: From helping you with tax incentives and subsidies to streamlining installation procedures, Enerflux is committed to making your transition to self-consumption a smooth one.
  5. Commitment to the Planet: With Enerflux, you not only save on your electric bill. You actively contribute to emissions reduction and a more sustainable world.

Don’t wait any longer. The future of residential self-consumption is here, and with Enerflux, you are one step ahead. Contact us now and transform your home into a sustainable power plant!


Install your residential self-consumption with Enerflux

At Enerflux, we envision a future where every home is a bastion of sustainability and energy autonomy. It’s not just about solar panels; it’s a promise of efficiency, innovation and commitment to the environment. Join us in this energy revolution and transform your home into a leading self-consumption space in Spain. Take advantage of our experience, advanced technology and ongoing support to make your home a model of sustainability. Enerflux is your ally in the energy transition! Contact us and find out how we can change tomorrow’s energy landscape together.