• Solar panels in Tarragona

    Instalacion de placas solares Tarragona

Solar energy in Tarragona is a mature energy with many benefits that is why it is becoming a very demanded renewable energy in recent years. Not only because it improves the air conditioning of our home or business but also because it offers us a great degree of independence and economic savings.

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Installation of solar panels in Tarragona

What are solar panels?

Much has been said about renewable and green energy, which has a low impact on the environment. One of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy in use is solar energy, and the best thing is that it can be installed in private homes, businesses and entire buildings, so that families, business owners and communities can enjoy it.

To produce solar energy, the following are used solar panelswhich are nothing more than devices that have the function of converting solar energy into electrical energy. The latter can be used in residential consumption without affecting the housing bill. These panels can be installed in different areas and work even in isolated areas where the power grid does not reach.

In addition, they can be placed on the roofs of houses, in gardens where there is plenty of sunlight and in other places where there is enough space and plenty of sunlight. These are made of materials that absorb sunlight, which causes a voltage difference, which charges a battery.

In the end, the energy stored in the battery can be used for domestic consumption. The most important thing to note is that sunlight is an inexhaustible source of energy, so it is a good way to always maintain electrical power. In addition, it will help reduce the cost of traditional electricity consumption.

Why use solar panels in Tarragona?

Solar panels in Tarragona are a very good option as we said before, but what else can motivate you to use it? Now is the time to go solar, as more and more people are using it, and the government has eliminated taxes on solar energy. But there are other reasons why you can make use of this novel resource.

Amortized investment

The photovoltaic solar energy Tarragona is a safe investment if several factors are taken into account. The popularity of energy has meant that materials are no longer so expensive, so you will spend less today than you did a few years ago. In addition, you will recover this investment in a prudent period of time.

In addition, the materials are of high quality, so you will not need to replace any part of the system for years to come. But best of all, this would allow you to save the cost of electricity consumption.

Generate your own energy

One of the biggest expenses of the Spanish family is electricity. However, with photovoltaic cells you can generate much of the energy you consume at home. Solar energy can be just as efficient as that available from the grid.

It is estimated that with a solar energy installation you will be able to reduce between 20 and 60% of your household electricity consumption. Of course, it all depends on the size of the system you choose, as with larger systems you may no longer be dependent on the grid.

Financial assistance

The authorities are very interested in reducing the country’s energy expenditure. For this reason, they are currently offering financial assistance to people who wish to install this system in their homes. Some of these grants cover up to 20% of the total cost of the installation. You can also receive this assistance in the form of tax payment reductions.

Green energy

It is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. On the one hand, only the sun’s energy that reaches the earth is used, which will continue to reach the earth even if solar energy is not used. In addition, by transforming it into electrical energy, no waste is produced that pollutes the environment. And finally, the facilities are environmentally friendly, as there is no need for carving or any other type of action with nature.

This type of energy does not produce carbon dioxide, one of the main pollutants produced by fossil fuels. In addition, enough energy can be produced in a year to satisfy a small factory, so it has a high level of production.

Low maintenance

The solar energy maintenance is very low, which in the end results in savings for users. In addition, since no fuel or consumables are needed, you will not have to replace them. On the other hand, from time to time you can call the technicians who performed the installation to take care of keeping the solar panels in perfect condition.

Electricity bill reduction

By being able to generate your own electrical energy you have the possibility of self-supply, which means that you will use less energy from the electrical grid. So the consumption at the end of the month will be much lower, ending up saving a great amount of money. You can either reduce consumption in part or eliminate it completely, depending on the system you install.

These are some of the reasons you have to install solar energy in your home, and although people may think it is a big investment, you will be surprised by the prices you will find.

Grants and subsidies available in Tarragona to install solar panels

In Tarragona, there are several grants and subsidies available to promote the installation of solar panels and encourage self-consumption of renewable energy. These initiatives seek to promote energy savings, sustainability and the reduction of pollutant gas emissions.

Real Estate Tax Rebate (IBI)

One of the advantages highlighted in Tarragona is the rebate on the Real Estate Tax (IBI) offered in many towns in the region. This rebate reduces the tax cost associated with the installation of solar panels, which is an attractive economic incentive for those who decide to opt for solar energy.

Compensation of energy surpluses

Self-consumers of solar photovoltaic energy have the possibility of receiving compensation for the energy they produce but do not consume. This means that, if they generate surplus energy, they can sell it to the grid and obtain an economic remuneration for this energy.

NextG subsidies for self-consumption installations

In addition to tax rebates and surplus compensation, NextG subsidies for self-consumption installations are available in Tarragona. These subsidies, which will be in effect until December 2023 or until the allocated credit is exhausted, provide financial support to users who wish to install solar panel systems in their homes or businesses.

These subsidies reduce the total cost of the installation and accelerate the amortization of the initial investment. It is important to bear in mind that, since subsidies are limited, it is advisable to carry out the necessary procedures as soon as possible in order to benefit from these grants.

Installation of solar panels in Tarragona

The installation of solar panels in Tarragona is a key process to make the most of solar energy and obtain the economic and environmental benefits it offers. The installation and commissioning process consists of several steps to ensure optimal system operation.

Installation and start-up process

The installation of solar panels begins with a detailed analysis of the energy needs of the home or business. The optimal location, orientation and size of the system is evaluated to ensure maximum solar radiation capture. The solar panels are then installed on the roof or on a suitable structure, making sure that they are correctly positioned and fixed.

This is followed by the electrical connection, which includes the installation of inverters, charge regulators and batteries, if necessary. These components make it possible to convert solar energy into usable electricity and store the surplus for later use.

Once the electrical installation has been completed, connection to the existing electrical grid is carried out, allowing the solar energy generated during the day to be used and conventional electricity to be used if necessary. Finally, a start-up is performed and functional tests are carried out to ensure correct system performance.

Use of solar panels in single-family homes and businesses

Solar panels in Tarragona are used in both single-family homes and businesses to meet energy needs. In homes, the energy generated by solar panels can be used to power appliances, heating systems, lighting and other electrical devices. In addition, in many cases it is possible to generate surplus energy that can be sold to the electricity grid, obtaining an additional economic benefit.

For businesses, the installation of solar panels offers the opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs, which translates into considerable economic savings in the long term. In addition, these facilities demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and the environment, generating a positive image for customers and the community.

Amortization time of the installations

The payback time for solar panel installations in Tarragona varies according to different factors, such as the size of the system, energy consumption and the price of conventional electricity. However, in most cases, the return on investment is estimated to be between 5 and 10 years.

It is important to note that once the system is amortized, the economic benefits continue, since solar energy is free and dependence on conventional electricity companies is reduced. In addition, the service life of the solar panels is long, which guarantees sustained savings over time.

Solar panels in Tarragona: an investment for the future

Tarragona stands out as a leader in the use of photovoltaic solar panels thanks to its Mediterranean climate and hours of sunshine. Both households and businesses can opt for this renewable energy, which offers economic and environmental benefits by reducing dependence on conventional power companies. In addition, there are subsidies such as property tax rebates, compensation for energy surpluses and NextG subsidies. In Tarragona you can find professionals and specialized companies, as well as different types of solar panels and accessories. The installation of solar panels allows energy self-sufficiency and a quick return on investment.

Install your solar panel in Tarragona with Enerflux

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