• Installation of charging points in Tarragona

Having an electric car charger in Tarragona is a very good option.Especially if you already have an electric car, as this can not only help you reduce costs, but also allow your car’s battery life to last longer.

At Enerflux, we know how important it is to know the information necessary before making the decision to install a car charging station in Tarragona. So we seek to provide you with the most accurate information so that you can clarify the doubts that our customers usually send us.

Installation of charging points Tarragona

What is usually necessary for the installation of a charging point in Tarragona?

Generally, in the budgets for the installation of an electric car charger in Tarragona, which usually do not exceed 50 kW if it is indoors. do not usually exceed 50 kW if it is indoors and 10 kW if it is outdoors. and 10 kW when it is outdoors, are usually included:

  • The fasteners and protective tubes which protect the wiring of the installation.
  • Wiring required to cover the necessary distances in order to guarantee the optimal operation of the charging point.
  • Electrical protection boxes designed for the power of the charging point, including charger protections.
  • It also usually includes costs due to laborcost related to the technical visit and the labor involved in the installation of the charging point.

What factors can influence the price of the installation of a charging point in Tarragona?

In most cases, to calculate the price of installing an electric car charger Tarragona is usually taken into account:

  • The infrastructure to be installed. Depending on whether it is a family home, a community garage, an indoor or outdoor public parking space, whether it is installed on a public road, among other cases.
  • Meter characteristics and distance. Depending on the place where the meter is located, the amount of cable needed to install the structure in the most convenient place for you will depend on the location of the meter. In general, in installations in single-family houses the amount of material is less because less distance must be covered from the place where the load point is going to be installed to the meter.
  • The maximum load power of the point. You have to take into account that installing a single-phase electric car charger of up to 7.4 W is not the same as installing a three-phase charger of up to 22 kW. This is because the protections and the dimensions and type of wiring will depend on the power to be installed, so the prices of these components vary.

What are the advantages of installing an electric car charger in Tarragona?

Although you can currently find electric car charging points in Tarragona, installing an electric car charger in your garage may be a good option. install an electric car charger in your garage is a good option.. Some of the advantages that you can obtain by making this type of installations are:

  • You save costs. By having a car charging point at your home, you would be saving the need to go to a public charging point where you must pay for the purchase of energy, so having a recharge from home, saves you the visit to these points, especially when you leave your home.
  • Makes loading easier for you. By having a charging point at your home, you have a greater convenience to recharge your battery, since in public points you have to stand in line and wait for the users in front of you to recharge their car battery. Having a charger at home allows you to charge it when you are at home, without any problem.
  • There is greater energy efficiency. Recharging points are usually used by many people, so the electricity rates are higher and therefore the price of recharging is higher, while in your home the electricity rate will be lower and, therefore, the payment would be lower.
  • Less loading time. Commercial chargers tend to have long waiting times between charges, while being able to charge your car at home means you don’t have to wait long periods to recharge.
  • You are not subject to unpleasant odors. As it is not a combustion car, you are not subjected to strong or unpleasant odors or annoying sounds in your home.

These are just some of the advantages you can get by installing a car charging point in Tarragona.

Enerflux and the car charging points in Tarragona

If you are interested in installing an electric car charger in Tarragona, in Enerflux we can offer you the best options, as we are a company with 10 years of experience in the field. we have 10 years of experience that allow us to achieve efficient results in our installations.

By contacting us we can give you all the information and clarify any doubts you may have about the electric car charger installation process. But also we can offer you an evaluation of the site where you want to install the charging point so we can explain which is the best option for you.

We offer our service of installation of car charging points also in Reus, Riudomsand Barcelona.