• Installation of charging points in Reus

Being able to install an electric car charger in Reus is a very good option.This can prevent you from having to wait in long lines to buy energy for your car, as well as giving you other benefits that you do not get when you use a public charging point.

At Enerflux we know that having a reus electric car charging point can be a very good solution for customers with electric cars, so we can give you all the information you need. we can give you all the information you need so you can make the decision to install one for you.

Reus Car Charging Point

What is an electric car charger?

Types of electric car chargers

At present, there are different types of electric car chargersThese are usually classified by the type of connector and current supplied. The characteristics of these will depend on the charging speeds and the long-term impact this may have on the car battery.

  • Direct current (DC). These car chargers can be fast or fast or ultra-fast charging. This type of charger is capable of delivering up to 50 kWh, hence these have a shorter recharge time. But you need to keep in mind that this type of fast charging affects the battery lifetimeThe latter undergoes heating, which in the long term ends up affecting them. You have to keep in mind that not all cars meet the parameters for using this type of charger.
  • Alternating current (AC). These chargers are known as semi-fast chargers.The charging time is much longer than that of the direct current ones, since they can deliver about 22 kWh. The advantage of this type of charger is that does not generate high temperatures in the battery and therefore its influence on the service life of the car battery is not as high as that of DC batteries.

Factors influencing the price of electric car charging points installation Reus

To be able to install an electric car charger in Reus it is necessary that you take into account some important factors such as:

  • Counter location. This is an important factor because the amount of meters of wiring that will be needed to make the installation will depend on this, this is a factor that influences the price of the installation.
  • Type of charging point you wish to install. The infrastructure depends a lot on whether you plan to install an electric car charger Reus, either in a community garage, detached house, indoor or public parking space, an outdoor point, among other options.
  • Point-of-load power. This is an important factor, since the type of protections and wiring to be used for the installation will depend on the power of the point. It is important to know that it is not the same to install a single-phase connection as a three-phase one.
  • Extra features. If you want some additional features added to the design, this directly influences the price of the installation, as additional work is required.

These are some of the factors that can influence the price of installing electric car charging points Reus, there may be some more.

Is there a regulation in force to install electric car charging points in Reus?

Currently, if there is a regulation in force to install car charging points in Reus, which even establishes the schemes for the installation of charging points, these are:

  • Collective or trunk scheme with a main meter at the origin of the installation.
  • An individual scheme with a common meter common meter for the house and the recharging station.
  • Individual scheme with one meter for each recharging station.
  • Schematic with additional circuits for recharging electric vehicles.

The regulation also specifies many more things that must be taken into account to install an electric car charger Reus, but also must know the technicians responsible for making the installation.

Enerflux and car charging points Reus

In Enerflux we know the advantages of having a charger electric car reus at your home. Therefore, we offer you personalized attention so that you can clarify all your doubts about the installation of the recharging point.

In addition, we have professional, experienced and knowledgeable technicians and with the knowledge so that you can make the installation in your home, complying with the regulations so that this point is completely safe for you and the rest of the inhabitants of your home.

Don’t hesitate any longer. At Enerflux we can help you!