Lifetime of solar panels

Knowing the useful life of solar panels is extremely important.especially when you are thinking of making an investment in this type of cleaner energy. When exposed to climatic conditions, it is necessary to know which factors can lengthen or shorten the service life of solar panels.

In Enerflux we know how important it is to maintain the solar panels of solar panels and ensure that these have a much longer life, so we offer the services you need so you can use clean energy for much longer.

What is the useful life of solar panels?

As it is a renewable energy powered equipment, they are usually designed to work for a few decades, which is why many consider the use of solar panels to be a good long-term investment, since they tend to have a long service life.As such, many consider the use of solar panels to be a good long-term investment, as they tend to have a long service life.

On average, the useful life of solar panels is in the order of 25 years.This does not mean that after these years the solar panel will stop working, but rather that the capacity to transform solar energy into usable electricity will diminish.

According to a study conducted by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, there are 0.5% losses each year in solar panels, in four years the figure rises to 2% and so on.

When is it necessary to replace the solar panels?

Today, most solar panels have a useful life of about 25 years, but there may be some signs that can help you identify when the time is right to replace them. signs that can help you identify the right time to replace your existing solar panels. to replace the solar panels you already have installed.

If the solar panels are no longer producing enough electricity to cover your consumption, it may be necessary to replace them. to cover your consumption, it may be necessary to replace them, ideally in these cases is that before a maintenance is performed to verify that it is really the panel that is failing.

If when checking the solar panels you notice that some of them are broken, fallen or cracked, you should contact our trusted specialists to replace them.You should contact your trusted specialists to replace them, as this is the reason why the system no longer generates the energy to cover your consumption as it has been doing.

At Enerflux we can offer you the best options when it comes to the installation of solar panels when it comes to the installation of solar panels, because we have trained personnel trained personnel for the installation and maintenance of such system, allowing the useful life of the installed solar panels to be long.

Vida útil de las placas solares

Why install solar panels at home?

The installation of solar panels brings with it a great number of advantages, some of the most outstanding are:

  • Energy savings. Although this system requires a large initial investment, it is a very good option in the long term, since these solar panels allow for a significant energy savings. So your electricity bill will be lower and you will be saving a lot of money in this service.
  • You contribute to the environment. As it is a system that harnesses the sun’s energy, it does not produce any type of environmental contaminationThe fact that there is no production of greenhouse gases, it does not contribute to the increase of the carbon footprint, so you would be helping the environment.
  • Financial assistance. Both in Spain and in the European Union, governments offer subsidies and grants for the installation of solar panels. So it is easier for users to have access to this type of technology, which contributes to the environment and saves energy consumption and money. that contributes to the environment and saves energy consumption and money.

  • It is
    is available worldwide. This type of system is very useful in most parts of the world, especially in those places where the sun’s rays fall without any problem. So it is possible that it could be used in remote places, where the current electricity services do not reach.where current electricity services do not reach.
  • Sustainable energy. By running entirely on the energy of the Sun, which is expected to continue generating energy for at least another 5 billion years, it is a sustainable system.
  • No noise pollution. This is a very important advantage, since that the solar panels do not generate any type of noiseThis is usually the case with conventional electric power generators. This is one of the characteristics that allow them to be installed in homes without disturbing the tranquility of neighbors and even other tenants.
  • Compatible with other generation systems. The advantage is that the energy obtained through solar panels is compatible with other systems, so it can be used without any problem in domestic networks, in conjunction with the traditional energy service.
  • Revalue your home. Having a solar panels installation in the house, this is revalued, since it has a system that saves money and energy to the owners of the same.

Enerflux and solar panels

The lifetime of solar panels makes them one of the best options for alternative energy. If you have already made up your mind and want to install solar panels in your home, At Enerflux we can help you.

In Enerflux we have 10 years of experience in the area of energy engineering. in the area of energy engineering, but we also have the trained personnel to not only make a safe installation, but also the maintenance that the system needs so that you can extend the life of your solar panels.

Let there be no doubt about it! Enerflux is your best option.