• Installation of charging points in Riudoms

A Riudoms electric car charger is a device that is used to provide electric current to electric type cars.. These devices are connected to the electrical grid and allow the batteries of private electric cars, hybrids, electric buses, among others, to be recharged. Depending on the characteristic of the charger will depend on the power or energy it can deliver to the car.

At Enerflux we know that having an electric car charger Riudoms can bring you many benefits.. So we give you all the information you need so that you can have a charger that fits your car’s specifications.

Electric car charger in Riudoms

How can I identify the types of electric car chargers?

In order to identify the type of car charger compatible with yours, which is available at riudoms electric car charging points, you need to know the types of electric chargers that exist:

  • Standard or semi-fast charger. This type of charger works with alternating current, they are designed for deliver about 22 kWhThe charging time of the batteries is therefore much shorter than with direct current batteries. This type of charging point electric car Riudoms, does not generate high temperatures in the battery, so the life of this is not affected, at least not in the short term.
  • Fast or ultrafast loading. These are usually direct current chargers, designed for deliver even up to about 50 kWhThe recharging times with these devices are therefore much shorter. This type of electric car charger has the particularity that it subjects the batteries to high temperatures in the process and this can cause the battery life to be shortened. Before use, it is necessary to check if your car is compatible with this type of compatible with this type of chargers, as not all cars are.

These are the types of electric car chargers that exist in the market, whether you use the fast or ultra-fast charging ones or the standard charging ones, these can help you keep your car’s battery charged.

What are the types of electric car chargers on the market?

Currently you can find several models of electric car chargers on the market, some of these are:

  • CHAdeMO. This is the fast charger typeThe unit operates with direct current. The average power output is 50 kWh, these are the most commonly used in the Chinese and Japanese market. Since 2018 there is an ultrafast version.The ultra-fast version offers a power output of up to 400 kWh.
  • The CC. These are the most common fast chargers on the market, the CCS1 models have an interface to the type 1 connection of the AC chargers, but with two more DC lines that allow them to withstand higher voltages. CCS1 are the standardized ones used in North America.. The CCS2 type are of the same pattern as CCS1, but they are the ones that are used in the European Union and in the Latin American market.
  • GB/Ts. These are used as the standard charger in the Chinese marketThey are distinguished because they have two connectors that can be used both in alternating current and direct current loads. They are designed to allow power outputs of up to 230 kWh.
  • Type 1 and type 2 alternating current. These are alternating current chargers and offer slower charging, so they do not affect battery life. They are usually the most commonly used for electric car charging points in homes, since the charging period offered is 6 to 7 hours.The car can be left charging overnight without any problem. Type 1 models are used in older electric cars.because these chargers offer a low power output of about 7 kWh, in the case of type 2 can offer a power of 22 kWh.These come from Spain and their use is standardized in the European Union.

Advantages of installing an electric car charger in Riudoms

Installing an electric car charger in Riudoms can bring you a lot of advantages, some of these are:

  • Charging the battery at home. By having an electric car charger at home, you can leave it charging overnight, so it is not necessary to go to one of the riudoms electric car charging points.
  • Saving money. Having an electric car charger in Riudoms, is that in times when the price of electricity decreases, the recharge of your car battery is cheaper than in a public charging point.
  • Sustainability. This type of charger can be combined with solar panels, allowing you to charge your car even with this technology.
  • Does not affect the life of your battery. With a standard charger, your car’s battery will have a longer service life, since you don’t need to go to fast charging points in the city several times to keep it charged when you leave your home.

These are just some of the some of the advantages you can get by having an electric car charger in Riudoms.

Enerflux and the installation of electric car charging points in Riudoms

If you have already decided to install an electric car charging point in Riudoms, Enerflux can help you.

In Enerflux we have 10 years of experience in energy engineering, we also have trained technicians so that they can make a safe installation in your home. In addition, of to offer you an installation that complies with all the regulations and safety requirements that must be met to install an electric car charger in Riudoms.

Also, we can also offer you personalized attentionso that you can clarify all the doubts you may have about the installation of charging points.

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