• Instalacion de placas solares Tarragona

Installation of photovoltaic panels
and energy storage

The goal: health, comfort
and well-being

Photovoltaic solar energy allows us to capture the sun’s energy and use it for electrical appliances in a home, a community, a commercial premises or an industry.

At Enerflux we are specialists in the installation of solar panels for self-consumption.

The energy that is generated through the solar panels is consumed immediately or stored in the form of a battery. Self-consumption allows us to make a bet for renewable energies: we dispense with energy consumption from the grid and, therefore, with non-renewable energy sources.

This autonomous system allows us to improve the air conditioning of our home or business . We also increase our degree of independence and achieve financial savings.

Photovoltaic panels are a mature technology with great advantages.

The storage
of energy

For greater autonomy, we install batteries that allow us to store the energy produced by the solar panels.
In an easy and efficient way, these batteries for solar panels store the energy we have produced during the day and take it out again to make it available to the home or industry.

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